Personal Injury Solicitors

There are many different types of solicitors in the United Kingdom, each with their own specialisms and professional interests. Personal injuries solicitors are just one of the many different types of solicitors I’ve written about in this category so here are the basics on what personal injury solicitors in the UK do.

What do Personal Injury Solicitors do?

Personal injury solicitors are employed to represent the interests of individuals or groups of people who have been injured in accidents which were not their fault. In many circumstances, victims of accidents are entitled to compensation to help them to cope with the aftermath of the accident. Alternatively, they may work with defendants to try to help them to refute any claims which are made against them.

Personal injuries solicitors work with clients to ascertain how much compensation should be given, and they then try to reach an appropriate settlement.

What qualities should Personal Injuries Solicitors possess?

Personal injuries solicitors are often required to listen to difficult and disturbing stories. They should be able to do so with professional compassion and empathy, whilst being able to pick out key points from within that story. A great personal injury solicitor should have a good analytical mind. They should be able to assess a situation thoroughly and use the information that they have been given to help to determine liability.

Liability may not always be clear cut, so they should be able to look at a problem from a number of different angles. They should also have good mathematical skills, so that they can accurately calculate the appropriate level of compensation for their clients. These calculations should take into account present needs as well as future needs, if the client is expecting to experience any problems in the future because of their accident. A claim for whiplash for example will be completely different for a claim involving a burns injury. With this in mind, it is also important that personal injury solicitors are able to understand consequences and reactions. This will enable them to fight for the maximum amount of compensation for their client.

Great negotiating skills are also paramount, as they will be expected to enter into negotiations with the defendant and their representatives on behalf of the client.

How much do these Solicitors earn?

The amount that a personal injuries solicitor will earn can depend on how good they are at their job. Many qualified personal injury solicitors work for large firms which specialise in personal injuries claims. Whilst they earn a general salary from that particular firm, they may also earn an extra “commission” which is based on whether or not they win their cases. This helps to give personal injuries solicitors the extra drive to win cases on behalf of their clients.

It is also possible to earn more money by climbing the ranks within a firm. More experienced solicitors are often given more high profile cases, which are likely to be more lucrative. Alternatively, they take on a greater degree of supervisory responsibility within their team. Many higher profile personal injury firms have suggested that this type of practice is recession-proof, and is therefore a great branch of law to enter into.

How to train to become a Personal Injury Solicitor?

Personal injury solicitors must follow one of the standard solicitor training routes and then try to get their traineeship in a firm which specialises in personal injury cases. This is the best way to get experience. Trainees may be expected to help to gather witness statements and prepare court papers on behalf of fully qualified solicitors. Some solicitors employ non-qualified claims advisors to do this on their behalf. It is possible for claims advisors to use this experience as a route into formal legal training.

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