Divorce Solicitors

When a solicitor is training, they are able to choose from one of many different specialisms. These specialisms allow the trainee to develop a full understanding of that particular area of the law, so that they are able to give their clients as much support as possible. Divorce law is just one of the many specialisms that trainees and qualified solicitors can choose from. If you are interested in working as a divorce solicitor, then you should read on to find out more.

What is a Divorce Solicitor?

A divorce solicitor dedicates their time to helping clients to deal with all of the legal aspects of their divorce. As well as helping to draw up all of the necessary documents to finalise the proceedings, they also help their clients to get the best possible settlement. If the client is not keen to grant their partner a divorce, then the solicitor can help them to talk about their options. They may even be able to help the client and their spouse to undergo successful mediation.

If the divorce goes ahead, the divorce solicitor will help their client to get the best possible settlement. When people have shared a life together it can be hard to divide assets properly, and there will normally have to be concessions on either side, even when each partner have agreed to an equal 50/50 division of assets. It is not always possible to divide physical assets in two, so a divorce solicitor may have to fight for the rights to every individual item. In order to get one special item, the client may have to be prepared to give up other items. The divorce solicitor will help to advise their client on concession they can make, and will help to negotiate on the client’s behalf.

A divorce solicitor will also help clients to come to an agreement about what will happen to any children that the divorcing parties may have with one another. It is important that a divorce solicitor is able to consider what is best for the children in this scenario, as divorce can be a very disrupting and distressing time for them.

What qualities does a Divorce Solicitor need?

A divorce solicitor needs to be compassionate but retain their professionalism at all times. Most of the people who require the services of a divorce solicitor are going through a very difficult time in their life, so their solicitor should treat them in a respectful manner. A great divorce solicitor should have strong negotiating skills, so that they can get the best possible settlement for their clients. They must have a thorough understanding of current matrimonial laws and existing legal precedent, so that they know what options are for their clients.

What training does a Divorce Solicitor need?

Divorce solicitors must be formally qualified via one of the many routes that are available for trainee solicitors. In order to become a practicing divorce solicitor, a person must be registered with the Law Society. Divorce law is not a core module in any of the major training programmes, so students will have to choose to study family law as one of their elective modules if they intend to specialise in divorce cases or other family law matters.

They should also strive to get a training contract with a firm which has a dedicated family law department. This will allow them to get the necessary practical experience that they will need to be able to practice law for themselves. Most trainees who follow this route will get the opportunity to do casework with families on behalf of the practicing solicitor they are working with.

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